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viernes, 4 de junio de 2010

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June 4, 2010
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Seaweed19 Transformative Algae Technologies
From heavyweights like Solazyme, Sapphire Energy, Algenol to hot seaweed developers

This week, the Digest is accepting nominations for the 10 Most Transformative Technologies of 2010, and subscriber voting will commence next week.

Is your favorite company nominated for the 10 Most Transformative Technologies 2010? You have to be in it to win it. Details on nominations and voting are here.

In today's look at algae and other micro-crops from the "Wild, Wild Wet", we examine Solazyme, Sapphire Energy, Aurora Biofuels, Algenol, PetroAlgae, OriginOil, Alltech, Photon8, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Merlin Biodevelopments Algae at Work, the National Alliance for Advanced Biofuels and Bioproducts, Phycal, Algaeventure Systems, the Korean Institute for Industrial Technology Bio Architecture Labs, DuPont, and SES´s Seaweed Carrier.

Learn what they are up to, and why they might be among the top 10 Transformative Technologies of 2010, at biofuelsdigest.com.


Arcadis - Permits, Planning and Resource Studies - info: frederick.sellars@arcadis.com
Producer News

Risk reduction: a Special Digest Report. The Digest continues with Part III of a three-part series on safety issues with the Ethanol and alternative fuel industry, written by Ashley Insco and Evan Nyer of ARCADIS. Today: Transport Safety.

In Illinois, Bloomberg has published an extensive report on the collapse of Illinois Energy and the involvement of the Whitebox Advisors hedge fund, which Bloomberg said blocked the sale of the troubled ethanol plant when it could have been sold, over disagreements on the restricting of the company's equity and debt.

In Washington state, the Seattle Post Globe looks at the sunny side of hard times with a profile of the resurgence of General Biodiesel, a small waste cooking oil-based biodiesel producer now at 5 Mgy in total capacity and aiming to increase to 10 Mgy by 2012. The company depends on a selection of Seattle's 13,000 restaurants for its supply of brown grease, as well as used cooking oil suppliers from British Columbia to Oregon.
Strategic Fit
World Opinion

From the Renewable Fuels Association: "Much of Searchinger's original hypothesis has been thoroughly discredited, including a recent study from Purdue University that demonstrates Searchinger's original estimate of ethanol's possible indirect land use change emissions was overblown by a factor of eight."

DuPont EVP and Chief Innovation Officer Thomas M. Connelly: "Generating and storing renewable sources of energy will be the fastest growing sector in the energy market for the next 20 years."
International News

In Indonesia, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono of Indonesia agreed to a two-year moratorium on the permitting of forest-clearing efforts, and received in the process a $1 billion pledge from Norway. The New York Times is highlighting this, along with other efforts related to forest destruction and the rise of palm oil biofuels, in a report linking deforestation and biofuels.

In Ireland, the national parliament of Ireland passed the Energy (Biofuel Obligation and Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 2010, which mandates that, commencing July 1, 2010, that all diesel and gasoline fuels sold in the Republic must contain 4.166 percent biofuels content. The Bill is expected to generate demand for an additional 60 million gallons of biofuels per year by 2011, and will increase to 130 Mgy by 2020.

In Spain, private equity firm GED Capital has invested $8.52 million for a stake in the Spanish biodiesel producer Bio-Oils. The company said that the investment will enable it to increase its production capacity to 143 Mgy (500,000 tones), from the current capacity of 72 Mgy. The company, located in Palos de la Frontera, is connected by an 8-mile (13 km) pipeline to the Cepsa La Rabida refinery owned by Total.
Research News

In Tennessee, researchers at Oak Ridge Laboratory have developed a method to track carbon emissions from agricultural activity with unprecedented resolution. The research team uses satellite remote sensing, computational resources and high-resolution national inventory datasets to pinpoint agricultural-based carbon emissions nationwide.
Policy and Policymakers

In Washington, the DOE announced $5 million in funding for research focused on sustainable production of large quantities of non-food biomass for bioenergy. The intent of this Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) is to quantify and understand the environmental impacts of different strategies for producing large quantities of energy crops and other crop residues at the watershed scale.
Consumer, Fleet, Event News

In Maryland, on June 15th the Maryland-Asia Environmental Partnership (MD-AEP) will feature the second in a four-part MD-AEP Energy Leadership Series in partnership with the Maryland Clean Energy Center entitled, "Maximizing Efficiencies in the Built Environment."  Speakers from DuPont, Skanska USA, Oxford Instrument Group and Pfister Energy are on the docket.
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1. Advanced Biofuels Tracking Database - download your free copy, tracking 65+ pilot, demo and commercial projects.
2. Biofuels Investments details 81 investments made in 2009 by biofuels companies or in the biofuels sector, totaling $8.737 billion in 18 countries.
3. Biofuels Jobs
details a series of studies outling the impact of biofuels on the green jobs economy.
Financial News

The Biofuels Digest Index™ (BDI), a basket of public biofuels stocks, regained 0.73 percent to 60.47 as it dug out of a general downturn sparked by BP's misfortunes. For the day, Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) slipped 0.12 percent to $25.53, while BP recovered 4.28 percent to $39.27.  Among smaller caps, Green Plains Renewable Energy (GPRE) rose 5.71 percent to $12.21. Overall, advances led declines 5 to 2 for the day.
Camelina Aviation Biofuels Study

Camelina report1 billion gallons of Camelina biofuel are projected to be produced for the aviation and biodiesel sectors by 2025, creating 25,000 new jobs; producing over $5.5 billion in new revenues and $3.5 billion in new agricultural income for U.S. and Canadian farmers.  The projections are contained in "Camelina Aviation Biofuels Market Opportunity and Renewable Energy Strategy Report," released today by Biomass Advisors, the research division of Biofuels Digest.

"Camelina Aviation Biofuels Market Opportunity and Renewable Energy Strategy Report," is 116 pages, and includes more than 60 figures, tables and charts, along with regional crop forecast maps for visualizing business opportunities and planning infrastructure needs.  The report is available for a purchase price of $695.  More information here.
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